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Viewing and Printing My Site Usage Report

Each site created in the website will automatically create a water usage tracking report called the USAGE REPORT. This USAGE REPORT will create for you a yearly report of each site’s water usage broken down by month.

To view your property’s USAGE REPORT, from the tool bar on the upper part of any page, click on USAGE REPORT.

The USAGE REPORT will tell you by month, each month’s:

  • Target ETo (in inches)
  • Target budget (in HCF)
  • Your water usage history (by month in HCF)
  • Amount you were over/under your target budget (in HCF)
  • Percent of target budget
  • Percent of target ETo

This information will be readily available on the graph in the upper part of this page. The following lines will be on the graph that looks at your water usage compared to target usage and usage requirement of your local water district (usually below <80% ETo).

  • Blue Line= Your Target Budget
  • Green Line= Local Usage Requirement ETo
  • Orange Line= Your Actual Year-to-Date Usage


  • SITE NOTES recaps the information you entered previously to receive your landscape irrigation water budget.
  • CROP (cool season turf, annuals, natives etc.)
  • SQUARE FOOTAGE (LANDSCAPED AREA FOR EACH CROP (1000 sq ft of Cool Season Turf, 3000 sq ft of trees and ground cover, etc.)
  • CROP k (Crop coefficient or percentage assigned to each crop for effective irrigation)
  • EFFECTIVE DU (Fixed parameter of distribution uniformity assigned to each irrigation system for effective distribution uniformity)
  • ANNUAL BUDGETED WATER (amount of budgeted water per crop, per area)

The report also contains a few glossary terms on the page. These terms will help a client understand the meaning of the numbers contained on the report.

Printing this in a printer friendly version for your records or for your client is easy. Just click PRINT THIS REPORT in the toolbar in the upper part of the page.

The USAGE REPORT will convert to a PDF document that you can then print out or save on your computer for emailing purposes.